Rustic white wood wishing well


Our beautiful Custom rustic wishing well is the perfect addition to any wedding or birthday. It is made of wood and finished in a lovely white colour. The box features a classic Wishing Well shape with a cottage style roof at the top, upheld by two side poles. The box stands on the floor and has a slot in the front for posting in cards, envelopes and letters where they will all be safe and in contained one place. The box is sized at a manageable H65cm x L25cm x W25cm, making it easy to pick up and transport when your event is over.

Each order comes with a custom design that will be emailed to you to allow changes and options for you to pick between making it 100% personalized to suit you and your event. You can choose between vinyl decal or mirror gold or chrome acrylic to give it a 3D look to the text.

 After your event, you can easily open the box. The entire base slides out giving you access to the cards inside. This base also works as a security, as it is discreet and hidden while the box is standing upright on the floor.

Font Colour
Mirror Gold
Silver chrome
wood brown

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